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Are you a dog owner?

November, 2017

Halton Village and Parish is a lovely place to walk your dogs, with plenty of rides and paths ideal for exercising man’s best friend!


But did you know that it’s the dog owner's responsibility to clear up after their dog if it fouls in public areas and footpaths and failing to do this can be very costly for the owner, with fines up to £1,000.


We would like to ask dog walkers to kindly respect our local area and think of others who may also use these public areas by ensuring that you clean up after your dog wherever it fouls.


Halton Parish has a lot of dog waste bins. Some fill up quicker than others there are still plenty around the village for you to use. If you notice a bin is damaged or full please contact AVDC by using the online ‘report it’ form at;


Dog waste can also be placed inside a bag in the green lidded rubbish bin.