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Country Lanes or Racetrack?

November, 2017

Here in our beautiful rural setting we all have cars to get from A to B, and we all drive sensibly within the speed limits on our roads and lanes, and with respect for the other road users and pedestrians . . . . . . or do we?


Halton Parish Council are doing all they can to encourage drivers to keep within the speed limit and make the village safer for all.


You will have noticed the flashing speed sign (Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign) which has been moving around the village for almost two years.


The sign not only shows drivers their actual speed it also records the speed and vehicle numbers (not registration details). This data is analysed in various ways giving us vital information about vehicle movement and numbers, recording speeds within and through

the village.


You will also have noticed that all the road markings have recently been renewed, a new chevron has been placed on the corner in Halton Lane and a number of ‘It’s 30 for a Reason’ signs have been placed around the village.

All this has been done to encourage drivers not to speed. The police tell us that when they do speed checks local people speed as much as others so please if you do travel through Halton respect the speed limit ‘It’s 30 for a Reason’.


Children, pets, elderly residents, cyclists and riders on horseback all live in and use the village roads.


Perch Bridge on Halton Lane has a maximum weight limit because it was built many years ago and wasn’t built to take excessive weights especially vehicles over 7.5 tons.  In recent weeks vehicles weighing 18 tons have been seen using the bridge. If the bridge suffers a major fault due to vehicles of excessive weight using it, we will all suffer the road closure it causes and diversions for many months!


If you do witness any vehicles which you know to be over 7.5 tons please try to record the date and time and, if possible, take a photo with your phone if safe to do so and let the Parish Council know, we can then act on this information informing the relevant authorities.


Please do all you can to help the Parish Council keep the village safe for everyone to enjoy.