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March/April 2016

  • The MVAS has now been ordered, we are awaiting for a delivery date.
  • It has been proposed that in the next meeting  a formal proposal be sent to BCC for HS2 contributions to the community to include: lights on perch bridge, a roundabout at the top of Chestnut Avenue and a reduction in the speed limit on Airfield Road.
  • There has been a dramatic increase of really bad pot holes in the roads around the village due to the ever changing weather over the past few months.
  • The flooding on Airfield Road has become unacceptable. The Clerk will be in contact with BCC.

If you see any potholes, or other repairs which need attention, please report them to 'Highways on Call', on 0845 230 2882, or to the Clerk on 01296 626073. Bucks County Council needs to be informed of orks which need doing. Deep potholes are treated as an emergency.

Responsibility for Buckinghamshire County Council

  • For emergencies, please call 0845 230 2882
  • Bucks CC are responsible for the A, B and C class roads within Buckinghamshire.  Motorways within Buckinhamshire (M4, M25 and M40), the A404(T) and teh A40(T) from Denham into Hillingdon are the responsibilty of the Highways Agency

Location Details

Please provide as much detail as possible to identify the location. e.g.

          • Village, town or parish

          • Name of junctions or adjacent roads

          • Landmarks, such as outside no 23, house name, telegraph pole or streetlight

          • Landmarks, such as bridges, pubs, bends in the road, etc.

Problem Details

Please provide as much detail as possible to describe the problem. e.g.

          • Where it is on the road, e.g. edge, middle etc

          • estimate size of the defect

          • estimate depth of the defect

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