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Halton Neighbourhood Plan - Have Your Say

Nov, 2016

Saturday, 12th November, 2016,  Village Hall from 10 am – 4 pm


The system for creating planning policy in England has changed recently – local people now have the power to establish their own plans for their communities by writing a Neighbourhood Plan.  We need your help to write the Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Halton.


A team of Parish Councillors, working with AVDC  has started leading the project to prepare the Halton plan.


Over the coming weeks and months the team will be reviewing all the existing planning policy and local documents, gathering views on what should be in the plan and working to shape a draft strategy for Halton which meets the aspirations and needs of local people.


The Neighbourhood Plan can include a wide range of topics and deal with all sorts of issues and opportunities.  However, there are some limits on what we can do and the plan must be ’ in conformity’ with the strategic policies of AVDC.  This simply means that our local policies cannot contradict the main points in the Local Plan, but we can add more information about how we want to see those policies applied in Halton.


Your thoughts

We want to listen to what you think is important for this plan.  What do you think is great about Halton?  What you want to protect or improve? What great ideas to you have for potential changes? What does Halton really need?  We have already started to build on the work which has been done to study Halton and plan for the future during recent years – thank you to everyone who has been involved so far.


This is an important chance for everyone to contribute their views and to help shape the future of the parish.  Everyone is welcome to offer ideas at this stage.


Your ideas can cover a range of subjects such as housing, jobs, shopping, transport, community infrastructure, sport and leisure, education landscape, conservation and more.  We also want to hear what you think about the overall character of Halton and what the vision for Halton should be over the next 20 years.


How to contribute

All comments are welcome, at this stage – here’s a few suggestions to help when you are putting your comments together:-



  • Please make your comments clear – for example, a comment which says ‘parking is a problem’ does not help people to know whether you think there is too much parking, too little parking or whether it is in the wrong place.
  • Please try to keep each comment brief – bullet points will help us much more than essays.  We will collate comments on similar themes so please try to make sure that each one reads as a stand-alone note.
  • Draw as well as write – feel  free to send photos, sketches, diagrams or maps, particularly if your ideas are about specific places.
  • If possible, please send your comments electronically – our team will be collating comments for a display and report, so electronic format will save lots of time.


Please send us your input by 20th November 2016.  We will be holding an event on 12th November at the Village Hall to talk to you and add all the comments  so we can start to formulate the key ideas for the plan, so it’s important that we have time to process all the work.  Please make a date in your diary to come along.


If you want to speak with the team you can contact us through the Parish Office, in the mornings.


What will happen?


The process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan will take time and has to follow a process set down in regulations.  Set out below is a diagram that explains the process and when and how you can get involved:
























Revisions to the draft plan – The plan will be revised based on your comments


Independent examination of the draft plan to test for soundness – The plan needs to be checked by an independent expert to make sure it is technically sound


Referendum on the draft Buckland Neighbourhood Plan – The final hurdle is a referendum.  The plan will need a simple majority of those who vote to be adopted as planning policy


Plan Area

The Halton Neighbourhood Plan will cover the same area as the parish boundary, which stretches from Aston Clinton to Wendover and Weston Turville. The DIO (RAF) have used their powers to exclude the area they classify as ‘Operational’ at RAF Halton.  This means that none of the policies in the Halton Neighbourhood Plan, will apply to them, until it is decommissioned.


Contact us:

If you want to send us your ideas, or have any questions about the project you can contact the project team via:- The Clerk, Halton Parish Council, Village Hall, Halton, HP22 5NG, (01296) 626073 or



What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why is it different?


A Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by neighbourhood forums or local town/parish councils, to establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a particular neighbourhood.  Consultation is a major part of the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan and it must be approved in a local referendum before it is adopted as planning policy.


What area will the Halton Neighbourhood Plan cover?


The area of the plan is the same as the parish boundary, stretching from Weston Turville and Wendover


How far can a Neighbourhood Plan go – can we refuse any future development?

Local people set the agenda for what goes into a neighbourhood plan, However, there are a number of conditions which control how far the policies can go. The plan must take account of the national planning policy and AVDC’s planning policy – it cannot contradict, or limit, something which is already set.  But, it can provide more detailed guidance and suggest further growth if local people think this is a good idea. It also cannot be used to overturn an existing planning permission.


Where can I find out more about existing planning policy?

National Planning Policy Framework:

Neighbourhood Plans

AVDC Planning Policy




Research and consultation to find out what could

be in the plan

Preparation of the draft Halton Neighbourhood Plan

Research and consultation to find out what could be in the plan

We need your help to gather information and ideas

The draft document will be prepared by the local steering group, whilst testing the ideas with the local people.

Once the draft is prepared it will be presented for public consultation, hopefully this will be in February/March 2017.