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Polish War dead remembered

11th December 2018
In the churchyard of St Michael’s there are 13 Polish war graves from the Second world War. In the past

Community Facilities

10th December 2018
While the master planning process has not progressed far the council has been worried about what facilities should be in

A Sports Village in Halton

10th December 2018
Following a discussion between Simon Wilkinson (Deputy Leftenant for Buckinghamshire) and Andrew Southam it was agreed that taking a wider

The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)

10th December 2018
The published VALP that went out for consultation is not change from AVDC’s position on Halton.  All our views were

The Green Belt

10th December 2018
In Spring 2017 AVDC published a BCC report on various areas of the Green Belt which highlighted various areas where

What should happen to the Land

10th December 2018
In the absence of any input from the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) or AVDC we decided to put forward our

We are a Key Stakeholder

10th December 2018
Very early on in this process(February 2017) our MP David Lidington secured a meeting with the Defence Minister – Mark

Constraints to Developments in Halton

10th December 2018
As we all know Halton is situated in a very beautiful location and has many environmental and heritage constraints that

Parish Boundary

10th December 2018
As we discuss what is happening to Halton it is useful to have a map of the Parish to refer