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Parish Council Agendas

March/April 2016

The following matters were discussed at the January meeting.

  • The Chairman thanked Mrs Short for keeping the Parish Council informed by sending her report of a meeting with the RAF, where the intense shooting on the firing range was discussed.  The Chairman further stated that the position of the Parish Council has not been discussed, but that it is clearly understood that the RAF must maintain the shooting schedule and noise reduction already is implemented. It is anticipated that the unusually loud and persistent firing was a 'one off'.
  • The first village defibrillator and case has been ordered.  The Chairman expressed his thanks to the village Fete Committee for the donation to cover the cost.
  • Cllr Adams thanked Cllr Mrs Barber for all her hard work on speed reduction, which he would be following up with the officers confirmed. It was bought to question if the village should have a 'clean up' day for the Queen's Jubilee. Cllr Adams has volunteered to help, using a machine that would clear the side of the road and pavements. Members of the council have thanked him for his offer.
  • Work has been ongoing with AVDC regarding the consultation for the first stage of the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • More work has been ongoing on street lighting surveys, replacement lamps and traffic management.

January/February 2016

The following matters were discussed at the November and December meetings:

  • Cllr Mrs Barber proposed that a Mobile Vehicle Activated sign be funded, with council members agreeing that driving speeds through the village must be reduced. More on this matter will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Cllr Mrs Jimson explained that a new online booking system for the Village Hall is being looked into.
  • It was agreed that some of the money raised from the Halton Village Fete will be spent on a defibrillator for the village.
  • A full list of 2016 meeting dates have been released. They can be found by clicking here
  • All members of the Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to wish all villagers a Happy New Year.

November/December 2015

September/October 2015

Following on from Mrs Jensen’s retirement, the new Parish Clerk to Halton is Mrs Fiona Lippmann.  Fiona has been a Clerk for many years now, the last two of which, she has shared the office with Christine, working for Buckland Parish Council, so many of you will already know her.  Fiona is looking forward to helping the Parish Council achieve its aims and objectives for the future.

I am sure you would all like to join me in welcoming Fiona and wishing her all the best in her new role.

The following matters were discussed at the July and August meetings.


  • A standard Operations Procedure is now in place for the Good Neighbourhood Scheme.  I will be writing to all those who have registered an interest in the next week or two.
  • Enquiries are still being made into the impact of fibre broadband for the village.
  • Arrangements will be made for the telephone number of the Guard Room at Main Point to be placed on the website.  The number is 01296 656211/656503.
  • A new sign has been ordered to replace the crooked “Village Hall” at the entrance of Old School Close.
  • In view of the increased levels of traffic, and the speed at which they travel, the Council is looking for funding from the Local Area Forum to install two sets of truvello strips, to record volume and speed of traffic.
  • A village walkabout has been carried out with parish, district and county councillors.

July/August 2015

The following matters were discussed at the May and July meetings.

  • Councillor Brian Thompson was elected as the Chairman for the coming year; Cllr Mrs Ann Jimson is Vice Chairman.
  • Enquiries are still being made into the impact of Fibre Broadband for the village.
  • Mrs Joy O'Neil has been co-opted as a new councillor; we look forward to working with Joy in the coming years.  Due to the sad loss of Michael Jocelyn, we have another vacancy on the Parish Council.  Ideally we need someone from the Moor Park end of the village to ensure their views are represented.  Please contact the Clerk if you are interested.
  • The confusion which has arisen over the issue of Neighbourhood Passes appears to have been unravelled.  Details of the process will be posted on here.
  • The Parish Council Annual Return has been sent to an external auditor. Please click here or see the village notice board for a copy.

May/June 2015

The following matters were discussed at the February and April meetings.

  • The Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Michael Blundell announced he will not be standing as a councillor at the elections on 7th May 2015.  The news was received with great sadness, and he will be sorely missed.  However, Michael has agreed to sit in on committees, so we will not lose all of his expertise.
  • Enquiries are being made into the impact of Fibre Broadband for the village.
  • Cllr Chris Richards will not be standing as an AVDC councillor at the next elections.  The Parish Council thanked Chris for all of the hard work he has carried out and the support he has given to the village over the years.

March/April 2015

November/December 2014

The following matters were discussed at the November and December meetings.

  • The Remembrance Service held on 9th November was, once again, very well attended this year.  The Chairman, Cllr Blundell laid the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council and residents of the parish.
  • The Canals River Trust has carried out a lot of work on the canal, resulting in a vastly improved appearance of the canal.
  • There is now a direct link between the village website and the RAF website.
  • Further enquiries have been made regarding the overgrown trees along Chestnut Avenue.  This matter is currently being pursued.
  • It is hoped that the Good Neighbourhood pass scheme will be streamlined in the near future.  Please let the Clerk know if you are experiencing any difficulties.
  • Cllr Chris Adams attended the meeting on the 17th December and reported on several actions he is involved in to help the community, including carrying out speed checks.
  • Everyone agreed that the Christmas lunch was a great success; a good time was had by all.  Thanks to Father Christmas for taking time out of his busy schedule to present all those present with a small gift.
  • It was agreed at the meeting held on 17th December 2014 to increase the precept by 9.68%.  This is the first increase in three years, and is the result of increased running cost for the council.  It will mean an extra £5 per household per year.


January/February 2015

The following matters were discussed at the November and December meetings.

  • It is hoped that the Good Neighbourhood pass scheme will be streamlined in the near future. Please let the Clerk know if you are having any difficulties.
  • in view of the success of the installation of new windows at the Village Hall, members agreed to put any funding received from Cllr Chris Adam's community leaders fund towards replacing further new windows.
  • Complaints have been made that the village is becoming a rat run. The cost of installing speed strips will be sought.
  • Further to recent queries relating to the funding of the newsletter, it has been confirmed that the Parish Council makes no contribution to the production costs.



The following matters were discussed at the meetings of July and August 2014.

  • Marc Lister, a paramedic and the Community Liaison & Training Officer for South Central Ambulance NHS Trust, gave a presentation on training for residents to become first responders in the case of an emergency.  The use of defibrillators is becoming more popular in villages and training can also be provided for their use.  It is hoped that there will eventually be three or four first responders in each of Wendover and Halton. This matter will be discussed at the next parish council meeting on the 5th November 2014.
  • 30MPH signs for sticking on the sides of wheelie bins have arrived at the Parish Office. Please contact the Clerk, Christine, if you would like some for your bins.
  • The fire door at the village hall has now been replaced.
  • The dates for full parish council meetings will be confirmed at the next meeting, a list of dates will be published on the notice boards or click here.
  • Members reviewed the presentation event for the Best Kept Village.  Photographs have been published on the Bucks CC website or click here.
  • Wing Commander Ray Morley, the new Deputy Station Commander, attended the meeting. Wg Cdr Morley is responsible for the airfield and will be available to deal with any issues that may arise.
  • Cllr Ms Tipson provided a brief demonstration on the new website, which is now live. Cllr Ms Tipson was praised for all of the hard work she has put into achieving this important goal; Wg Cdr Morley arranged for a link to the RAF site.

September/October 2014

The following matters were discussed at the meetings of July and August 2014.

  • The Parish Council resolved not to adopt grass cutting and other green maintenance from Bucks CC, in cluster groups with neighbouring parishes.  An interest has been expressed for AVDC to undertake the service.
  • The Parish Council resolved to order a number of 30mph signs suitable for sticking on the side of wheelie bins.  Further information on the supply of these stickers is available here.
  • Consideration will be given to the provision of a defibrillator for the village.  The Clerk will make further enquiries.
  • Concern was raised at the amount of dog litter, which is being left on the canal footpath.  The Clerk will obtain some notices for placement at strategic locations.
  • Enquiries will be made into the “average speed camera” system.
  • It was resolved to write to Bucks CC expressing the Parish Council’s concern at the lack of transport for school children in the village.
  • The fire door at the village hall is rotting in some places.  It was resolved to replace it with a new one.

May/June 2014

The annual Parish meeting took place on 21st May 2014. No members of the public were present; Wing Commander Jenny Holmes, CIIr Mr Chris Adams an PCSO Megan Harriett attended. The annual meeting of the Parish Council took place the same evening. CIIr Michael Blundell was elected as Chairman and CIIr Brian Thompson was elected as Vice Chairman. If you would like copies of the minutes, please contact the Clerk (Christine Jensen) on 01296 626073 or email

July/August 2014

The Parish Council is delighted to confirm that it has successfully applied for £8,000 funding to refurbish the village hall floor and car park. As many of you will be aware, the floor refurbishment has been completed and has received much praise. Dates for the car park resurfacing will be pulished when finalised.