The Parish Office

Parish News

The Parish Office is situated above the village hall in Old School Close. There is a supply of stamps in the office and a small letter scale. If you have an urgent letter, you are welcome to call in and see me. You may also use the photocopier, 5p for an A4 black and white copy and 10p for colour. A3 is 10p for black and white and 20p for colour. The Parish Office is now manned between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm weekdays by Fiona Lippmann (Parish Office).

Mr Brian Thompson – 01296 624464
Vice Chairman
Mr Harold Pearce – 07785 935965

Mrs Ann Jimson – 01296 622702
Mr Paul Czaplinski – 07958 530484
Mrs Caroline Waddams – 01296 624458
Mrs Jane McKinnon –
Mr Nick Dutton –

Mrs Fiona Lippmann – 01296 626073