September 2019

The mission statement for our Highways Group is:

“Keeping people safe on roads and footpaths while within Halton Parish”.

Footpath and Highway issues

Bucks CC are responsible for the A, B, and C class roads within Buckinghamshire. Motorways within Buckinghamshire (M4, M25, and M40), the A404(T), and the A40(T) from Denham into Hillingdon are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

If you see any problems (potholes or other repairs) which need attention, please report them online here. Potholes requiring urgent attention should be reported by calling 01296 382416. Deep potholes are treated as an emergency.

Please provide as much detail as possible to identify the location and the problem e.g.

  • Name of junctions or adjacent roads
  • Landmarks such as outside no 23, house name, telegraph pole, or streetlight
  • Landmarks such as bridges, pubs, bends in the road, etc.
  • Where it is on the road such as edge, middle
  • Estimated size and depth of the defect

Halton MVAS Sign

The Parish Council takes road safety very seriously and some years ago invested in a technology called MVAS (Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs). Generally, these signs are used to improve road safety and encourage safer driving speeds through a very obvious visual reminder. However, our sign is also used for collecting traffic data (compliant with GDPR), logging vehicle movements, speeds, and time in three locations. This includes both incoming and outgoing movements.

In addition to enabling us to identify speeding issues, the MVAS gives us an established “traffic information baseline” from which we are able to then measure change. Some of the uses include:

  • Trending traffic movements changes over time
  • Information to enable the Parish Council to respond objectively to consultations for road closures or future changes to planned traffic routes
  • Provides a greater understanding of the implications of additional traffic volumes which may be generated as a result of new housing developments in or around the Parish (pertinent to the closure of the RAF Halton base)

In 2017 data from the MVAS was supplied to Thames Valley Police (TVP) to make the case for speeding enforcement in the Parish. However, following analysis the TVP concluded that the data did not show higher than usual speeding so could not support additional speed enforcement resources.

The current MVAS data set from February 2018 to August 2019 is provided in the table below. The 85thpercentile speed is a measure used by TVP to identify speeding hot spots. It refers to the speed within which 85% of vehicles travel.

The next update of the MVAS data will be in February 2020 when we will have 2 years of data for analysis.

The Community Speedwatch Scheme

Community Speedwatch is a traffic monitoring scheme that is co-ordinated by the Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire County Council, but managed and run by volunteers in a community. Volunteers are trained to use a detection device to monitor the speeds of vehicles travelling through their local area. The registration numbers of speeding vehicles are recorded by the inbuilt camera which ensures that roadside volunteers take down the correct details to provide to the Police. Warning letters are then sent out by the Police to the registered keepers stating that their vehicle has been reported as speeding.

Halton Parish Council feels that there may be safety issues related to this scheme whereby volunteers could be exposed to abuse from passing drivers (as has been reported during similar Speedwatch schemes in this area). A decision has been taken to monitor feedback from other Parishes to establish if safety is still an issue. The position will be reviewed in December 2019. In the meantime, if you would like to register as a future volunteer (six are required) then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Perch Bridge Weight Limit

Perch Bridge, which crosses the Wendover Arm Canal, has a weight limit of 7.5 tonnes. Recently there have been a number of sightings of buses and lorries crossing the bridge illegally. This puts the structural integrity of the bridge at risk and also represents a danger for other bridge users. If you spot an offender please report it to the Parish Clerk providing details (photographic if possible) of the time, registration number, make of vehicle, and company involved so that action can be taken.

An initiative is being progressed with Buckinghamshire County Council to establish feasibility for a single file traffic priority scheme on Perch Bridge, including a safe walking route across the bridge. This is a longer-term goal for Halton Parish Council.