Halton Village

Consultation Event

Dec, 2015

Important Consultations that will effect your surroundings


Both Aylesbury Vale  and Bucks County Council are undertaking consultations into where new housing is to be put and roads to be built.  It is so important that members of the public make their feelings known as the Parish Council’s comments only count as one, so every comment counts.


For the Vale of Aylesbury Plan, the Parish Council has decided that Options D, E or F are the most suitable.  Any of these will limit the number of new homes to an acceptable figure for the current infrastructure.  The other options (A, B or C) will mean that large numbers of new home will be squeezed into the surrounding fields.

 It was felt that before any growth i.e. new housing is planned the infrastructure needs to be in place therefore it makes sense that given the number of houses proposed in Aylesbury Vale that a new settlement is situated in the North of the Vale.  This will mean funding is available from Central Government for the Necessary Infrastructure   i.e Roads,  Schools etc. This appears to be the sensible approach, as to build piece meal in the south of the Vale will mean no new Infrastructure and the existing roads and schools will become overwhelmed.


The consultations can be found on the BCC and AVDC websites on:-