Halton Village

  • 1545

    Henry Bradshawe bought the Manor of Halton from King Henry VIII

  • 1560

    Manor was sold to the Fermoy family (farmers)

  • 1720

    Estate sold to the Sir Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer,  for £19,000.

  • 1793

    Sir John Dashwood King, 4th Baronet, inherited the Halton Estate from his father

  • 1795

    Dashwood Mansion built

    On the site of the present Garden Close

  • 1797

    The Wendover Arm canal was completed

  • 1850

    Halton Estate sold to Lionel Rothschild

  • 1868

    Industrial Exhibition held at the grounds of Dashwood Manor

  • 1870

    Dashwood Mansion demolished

  • 1880

    Lionel Rotshchild left Halton Estate to his son Alfred.

    Alfred extended the estate to include 9 farms, 57 cottages and a school

  • 1881

    According to the census, 195 people lived in Halton

  • 1901

    According to the census, 188 people lived in Halton

  • 1911

    According to the census, 195 people lived in Halton

  • 1914

    Outbreak of WW1, Estate workers went to fight. Alfred loaned the estate to his friend, Lord Kitchener for use by the infantry

  • 1918

    Alfred died, left estate to his nephew, Lionel

  • 1919

    Lionel sold the estate to the Secretary of State at the War Office for £112,000

    Later the Ministry of Defence

  • 1931

    According to the census 3,352 people lived in Halton

    This includes RAF personnel

  • 1956

    MOD sold off the village Post Office and adjoining cottage to Mary Sharp

  • 1972

    15 further parcels of land were sold off to private individuals, developers and the Local Council