In Spring 2017 AVDC published a BCC report on various areas of the Green Belt which highlighted various areas where there was a proposal to lift the green belt status.  Unsurprisingly the RAF Halton main site was included with a recommendation to lift the green belt and it was included in the draft AVDC Local Plan at that time.  We felt this was wrong – the report analysis was poorly done and appeared to be very convenient for a developer who wanted to maximise development.

Consequently we undertook an analysis of the report and felt the report had a significant number of flaws and was on very tenuous legal grounds in justifying the lifting of the Green Belt. We shared this analysis/report with our District Councillors and AVDC.

Subsequently AVDC concluded that there were no grounds for lifting the green belt from the RAF Halton main site.

Attached is the report for your review.


6 – HPC response to proposed lifting of the Green Belt

RAF Halton Closure

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