The Vale of Aylesbury Draft Local Plan (VALP)

When the final draft of the VALP was published we were shocked. We identified a number of issues and in trying to address them before the final plan was published we wrote to AVDC. AVDC’s response was less than satisfactory, basically ignoring the points we raised, admitting no errors and stating they were going to continue.
Our basic concerns were:
– we had not been properly consulted
– they thought RAF Halton was in Wendover
– they ignored all sports and heritage impacts in deciding where residential housing should go.

It is clear the treatment of Halton as a residential suburb of Wendover was an expediency to avoid having to think about the necessary infrastructure to support the new houses, and they felt no need to listen, engage with or communicate with the local Parish Council. There was a lot of pressure that we could not allow the Local Plan to fail.

Attached is our letter to them and their response.

7 – Letter to AVDC 021020178 – AVDC response- 17.10.2017

RAF Halton Closure

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