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Rothschild Connection Update November 2015

Nov, 2015

About 30 people attended the meeting on 14th October to hear of the progress made with researching the history of our village.  A demonstration of the website showed that there are already histories of several properties on the interactive map, with accompanying photographs.

There is a very interesting account of the 1868 Industrial Exhibition, held on what is now Garden Close, written from the perspective of Ellen Gamble who lived in the Lower Farm farmhouse opposite the Village Hall.  Her daughter won a medal for butter making, the medal formed part of a display of original artefacts from the exhibition which we were lucky enough to have on loan from the Buckinghamshire Council Museum.


If you have any have any history that you would like to share with others, contact Ann Jimson (annjimson@aol.com or 01296 622702) and she will arrange for it to be put onto the website.  If you have any friends and family who used to live in the village do give them the web address (www.haltonvillagenews.co.uk) so they can see what we have learnt already, and perhaps add to our findings.


Meanwhile there are several more accounts in the pipeline so let’s see just how much we can record for our descendants.  At some point we probably should make a photo record of all properties here at present so that in the future another group of historians can look back at Halton in the early 21st Century as we are doing in the 20th Century!


We will meet up again next spring to check out new information.

Ann Jimson