London Luton Airspace Consultation

“Halton Parish Council conferred with RAF Halton regarding any impact the proposed changes may make to the air space above Halton.  The following is their response.  The Parish Council feel that the proposals will not greatly impact on Halton Village and shall not be commenting.

Proposed changes to the London Luton Airport Arrivals process will not have a detrimental impact of the flying activity conducted from RAF Halton Airfield.  The proposed changes will require a greater level of coordination pre-flight for some operating aircraft but this is in line with operating from other locations across the country.  Once departure has been achieved from RAF Halton then the proposal will limit some of the current open airspace and require deconfliction with Luton Air Traffic Control, a practice that occurs in the vicinity of all flight paths across the UK.

RAF Halton do not intent to comment on the consultation based on previous discussions between MOD and National Air Traffic Services where assurance of  the airspace integrity of Halton Airfield being maintained.

In line with the consultation process, any pilot that operates from the airfield can make comment as a general aviator but this is based on their right to comment and not on behalf of RAF Halton.  The consultation is also open to members of the public and full details can be found in the consultation documents.

For additional reference the full consultation documents are available via the links below.  The full proposal provide noise, height and flightpath information for the proposal.”

London-Luton-airport Summary

London-Luton-airport full proposal


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