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Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)

November, 2017

The District Council have issued the Local Plan for consultation. The headline news for Halton is that they are talking about 1000 houses. As they have not lifted the green belt status the building footprint is constrained to the existing footprint of buildings. In simple terms it means the amount of buildings already exists. While I am sure some buildings like the barracks will be converted into flats/apartments other buildings will be demolished and replaced with new houses.


The actual 1000 houses/dwellings should not be an issue – the problem is everything else such as the infrastructure, the setting, how the environment will be protected, the traffic management issues in the parish and so on.


The major issues we have with the VALP is that AVDC has not engaged with us, not communicated with us and not consulted with us. As an exercise in local democracy this process is a failure. This does not bode well for our future if they think they can continue to ignore us and ride roughshod over our views.


Another major issue is that the Local Plan does not provide sufficient details and information for us to be able to comment sensibly on the proposals for Halton. So we have their idea but no substance when you try to understand what they are saying precisely. It is work in progress, but impacts our lives.


There are a number of errors and concerns that need to be addressed;


The linkage of RAF Halton to Wendover only serves to blur the issue and belittle the people of Halton and their concerns

Green Belt. They say they may lift the green belt in the future. This not only makes for more uncertainty around Halton, but if it is an exceptional reason then they should do now so we know what we are facing, and can argue it out in front of the Inspector.

The map showing where housing could go in Halton contains a number of errors e.g on the listed Halton House estate and on the playing fields along Chestnut Avenue.

So what can you do to help? Please look at the VALP and respond with your concerns and opinions. The consultation runs from 2nd November through to 14th December and a good response asking for more information would be great.